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Alex Musical (48th Street)

Alex Carozza, owner of Alex Music at 165 West 48th Street, was having ”Alex Axe” guitar bodies and necks manufactured by Gretsch and then customized by Pasquale Ficcoseco and Eiichi Sayuu. Ficcoseco was Alex’s main instrument repair technician and Sayyu was Alex’s electrical guitar tech. Sayyu also innovated some products for Alex, most notably the “H” booster and the “talk box”. Alex Brochure To realize his dream of producing truly custom and high quality guitars, Alex purchased “Guitar Lab” from LoBue and signed a 1 year agreement to relocate “Guitar Lab” to Alex Music and produce custom instruments for Alex.

Even prior to the purchase there was a lot of information exchange between Alex Music and Guitar Lab. Ritchie Fliegler would learn how to do custom pickguards, plastic works and pickup winding from Phifer and then go uptown to Alex Music and show them the goods. A little early marketing.

Mark Amberg bought an Alex Axe at Wurlitzer Music in Boston, MA around 1980 and still plays it today! 



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The Beginning (West 48th Street)
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Alex Musical/Guitar Lab (165 W 48th Street)
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