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Alex Music (48th Street)

Chuck Ruff With Johnny Gale Explorer

A second was built for Neal Posner (stage name Johnny Gale) but later made its way back to the Guitar Lab and set up for Chuck Ruff, ex drummer for Edgar Winter and a fine guitar player. It

Pete Townsend with Alex Doubleneck

was painted white and the mahogany grain feller bled through a bit so it had an unusual but beautiful finish. The third like Derringers second, a natural mahogany guitar has been Kimock’s player since around 1975. Both of these later guitars have the Alex style headstock although Kimocks’ guitar is bound where Derringers was not.

Pete Townsend of the Who used an AlexAxe double neck on the Rough Mix recordings. It was last reported in the collection of the Hard Rock Café on display in San Francisco.


Heinz Weidenbrueck with his Matador

Also while at Alex Charles designed a bass guitar called El Matador. It is unknown how many of these guitars were built but the bass player with Disco band GQ plays one in this video.







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The Beginning (West 48th Street)
LoBue -Thompson (701 7th Avenue
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