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Wendy Taylor (Wendy Simmons)

Wendy’s musical interests began with flute in high school. She studied music at Hunter College in NYC and upright bass with famed bassist Milt Hinton. She was the bass player for RCA artist Vicki Sue Robinson on her “Turn the Beat Around” and toured and recorded on Vicki’s second album.

Wendy has played top venues throughout the country and appeared on major TV shows (Midnight Special, Don Kirshners Rock Concert, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, etc). She also toured throughout the far east and Pacific Theater in the all-female rock band, “Fire”’ for the D.O.D. U.S.O show.

Wendy has also performed with various Latino salsa bands and recorded with the Vinny & Ray Orchestra on theor debut 1998 CD. She performs with the all-female band, “Sister Funk”, who are currently recording their 2nd CD. Wendy’s funky, 6-string bass playing provides the driving force and grooving dance power for the Butch Taylor Band.



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