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Bob Sindorf


My goal as a sculptor is to carve large, granite sculptures for public places. I have recently successfully completed several monumental, site-specific works that have been integrated into existing outdoor settings in Japan, Portugal, and the United States. My work is simple, direct, and consists of universal and timeless themes. I would describe my style as minimal and abstract, as I endeavor to reduce an overall image to its most essential form. My style is suggestive rather than overt. I work with what nature has imbued the stone. There is no force manipulation, but rather a flow, like a river. Finally, my public sculpture requires an outdoor setting and is especially well-suited to placement within an architectural framework. All the work is designed as site-specific projects with emphasis given to scale, color, mass, orientation, and unity with the setting. The selection of the type of stone for a particular project depends on site conditions, theme of the project, and other environmental factors. Considerable planning goes into every project to achieve a high artistic standard while ensuring the successful assimilation of the sculpture into its environment."




In Video

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