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Dino Walcott


Dino was born is Suriname (South America) as the youngest of five children. He came to Holland when he was 15 years old. He started to play guitar and mouthharp at the age of 13.

One day he got a call from a cabaret group because they needed a guitar player. After a few days they agreed with him to play the bass, since they already had a piano player.

When Dino studied at the Conservatory in The Hague a teacher told him he had no talent so he had to quit. One evening at a gig a producer who liked his playing asked him if he would like to finish the recordings of an album they where doing. The producer also wanted him to overdub the previous recorded bass tracks. As Dino asked him who actually did the bass tracks, the producer surprisingly called the name of his ex-teacher at the Conservatory. So don’t let no one stop you, just follow your heart.

Dino tours, has done television performances and recorded, as a sideman with performers like guitar player Jan Akkerman (Focus), blues singer/guitar player Sherman Robertson, blues legend Big Jack Johnson, singer Van Morrison, singer Kaz Lux (Brainbox), guitar player Ad van de Berg (White Snake), trumpet player Philip Harper, drummer Killer Ray Appleton, bass players Darryl Jones, piano player Rob van de Broek, singer Wendell Richardson (Osibisa), Alphonso Johnson, Curtis Knight (discoverer of Jimmy Hendrix) and Keith Dunn to name a few. 






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