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Larry DiMarzio


1970 Larry Di Marzio came to LoBue with basic electronics know how and LoBue showed him what he wanted done. In short order, DiMarzio had a knack for pickup design and Bill Lawrence still a close friend to LoBue, took him under his wing. The clients would tell LoBue what they wanted and DiMarzio through his own ingenuity and advice from LoBue and Lawrence designed some exceptional pickups. Early at Thompson Street DiMarzio started to work on his own from his basement. He would then take them in to LoBue for trial. While working with LoBue, DiMarzio developed the pickup which would be he Super Distortion, one of the most successful pickups in Rock history. Di Marzio, president of Di Marzio Pickups has become one of the preeminent pickup designers in the world




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The Beginning (West 48th Street)
LoBue -Thompson (701 7th Avenue
LoBue Guitars/Guitar Lab (206 Thompson)
Alex Musical/Guitar Lab (165 W 48th Street)
LoBue Guitars (394 Hayes)