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Alphonso Johnson


Alphonso Johnson (born 1951 in Philadelphia, PA ) is a jazz bassist who has been influential since the early 1970s.


Johnson started off as a trombone player, but switched to the electric bass in his late teens. Beginning his career in the early 1970s, Johnson showed innovation and fluidity on the electric bass. He sessioned with a few jazz musicians before landing a job with Weather Report, taking over for co-founding member Miroslav Vitous. Johnson, ranked alongside peers Stanley Clarke and Steve Swallow, was considered one of the best bassists of the period.[citation needed] His playing was featured on the Weather Report album Mysterious Traveller, on the songs "Cucumber Slumber" and "Scarlet Woman". Johnson appeared on two more albums for Weather Report before he would leave the band to work with drummer Billy Cobham.

Johnson was one of the first musicians to introduce the Chapman Stick to the public. His knowledge of the instrument nearly landed him a lucrative job with Genesis as the replacement for Steve Hackett who had quit Genesis in 1977. Johnson being more of a bassist than a guitarist, had recommended his friend ex-Sweetbottom guitarist and fellow sessions musician Daryl Stuermer, who would go on to remain a member of the Genesis's touring band for the rest of their existence.



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