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Lobue Guitars (394 Hayes)

394 Hayes

LoBue found that he really missed New York and with failing health,

packed his family up and moved them back after only a few years.

Ralph began working at Subway Guitars in Berkley and soon built a loyal clientele there. During his years there, Novak continued to build some custom instruments in addition to the repair work, and earned a partnership in the business.

Eventually, Novak left the cramped quarters of Subway Guitars and moved his repair and custom instrument business to a warehouse loft in Oakland. That location on Aileen Street was where Novak would begin work on what would be the Fanned-Fret concept. An early example of Novaks work is shown here.

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The Story
In Video

The Beginning (West 48th Street)
LoBue -Thompson (701 7th Avenue
LoBue Guitars/Guitar Lab (206 Thompson)
Alex Musical/Guitar Lab (165 W 48th Street)
LoBue Guitars (394 Hayes)